After the Storm

After the Emperor of Chaos was defeated, the free civilizations of the Great Continent hoped that his followers would abandon the ongoing war. Meanwhile, Galas and his unlikely band of heroes head back to the northern lands to request aid for their next journey.

Later, the Chaos Empire still manages to make a stand against its enemies. While the Grand Council is preoccupied with more pressing matters, the fragile alliance of the peoples of the Far North is threatened by a new, mysterious leader who seeks to invade their defenseless lands.


Although its development began not too long after Invasion from the Unknown 1.0 was released in March 2008, After the Storm got stranded in Development Hell for years due to a general lack of motivation on my part, as well as skill concerns. When I wrote the first few story drafts I got stuck with ideas carried over from IftU which, in hindsight, did neither make much sense nor make for an engaging narrative.

Mid 2011, I came to the realization that my only option at that point — short of officially ceasing development of the campaign — was to embrace both the good and the bad aspects of IftU if I wanted AtS to become the sequel I wanted. I also realized that instead of aiming for perfection with such precarious foundations, I should aim for having fun throughout the development process. And thus, on September 25, After the Storm version 0.4.0 was released.

Less than two years later, version 0.9.0, the first feature-complete version, was released.

  • Episode I: Fear
    (E1S1 – E1S13)
  • Episode II: Fate
    (E2S0 – E2S12)
  • Episode III: Final
    (E3S0 – E3S12)

Although it is a notable and deliberate departure from IftU in tone and structure, I believe I managed to achieve a better balance between plot and gameplay compared to its predecessor. Not every player who liked IftU will like this campaign, but I believe that those who did not like IftU might enjoy the gradual change of pace.

Development milestones

  • 2008-05-17: Development begins
  • 2009-02-06: Version 0.1.0 — E1S1 – E1S3 released
  • 2011-10-16: Version 0.5.0 — Episode I completed with 13 scenarios
  • 2011-12-09: Version 0.6.0 — E2S1 – E2S3 released
  • 2012-01-17: Version 0.7.0 — Episode II completed with 13 scenarios
    First complete version before Episode III becomes a goal for 1.0.0.
  • 2012-05-17: Version 0.8.0 — E3S1 – E3S3 released
  • 2012-07-01: Version 0.8.1 — E3S4 – E3S5 released, new scenarios stop landing and parallel development of the finale (E3S6 through E3S13) outside of version control begins
  • 2013-02-23: Version 0.8.90 — E3S6 through E3S12 land in production
    The Big Merge.
  • 2013-03-05: Version 0.9.0 — E3S13 (bonus epilogue) released
    First finished version.
  • 2015 (TBD): Version 1.0.0

(Keep in mind that this is just a summary listing major milestones. A more complete version including every minor release with new scenarios is not currently available.)


All three episodes come in a single package available from the Wesnoth 1.12.x add-ons server, along with the optional music add-on, imaginatively titled “After the Storm Music” (“AtS Music”). You may either point Wesnoth to the respective entries in, or if you are unable to download with the in-game client, use your web browser to fetch the tarball versions from the following location:

Although the AtS Music add-on is optional for people with low bandwidth, download caps, or prepaid broadband subscriptions, I strongly recommend installing it for the full experience. As of AtS version 0.9.9, there is no fallback in place for music transitions in the event that AtSM is not installed.



The complete source code history and the latest bleeding-edge changes can be found in the public Git repository hosted on GitHub. This is not recommended for first-time players! The campaign is in constant change between published releases, and there might be incomplete or unstable features that might negatively impact gameplay!

On the other hand, this being Git, you also have the option to clone the repository exclusively to track release tags without having to download from the add-ons server or web every time.

Bug reports for unreleased versions are welcome! You may either drop me a message on my IRC channel, or (if you have a GitHub account) file an issue to the campaign’s issue tracker. If you feel so inclined, you may even fork the campaign and submit a pull request with patches to fix issues!

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