Wesnoth RCX

Wesnoth RCX (codename Morning Star) is a small desktop application for previewing and recoloring Wesnoth graphics using the game’s own team coloring mechanism.

Derived from the Wesnoth-TC codebase and built upon the powerful Qt framework, Wesnoth RCX is intended to serve as an aid for Wesnoth sprite artists and campaign developers who need to preview their unit artwork as it will be displayed in-game, with different team coloring parameters applied to it. It provides instant preview functionality, as well as the option to save the recolored results to disk for other purposes. The built-in visual palette and color range editors allow artists and coders to experiment with the possibilities offered by Wesnoth’s team coloring code, and even generate WML suitable for inclusion in add-ons.

Wesnoth RCX is open-source software, released under the terms of the GNU General Public License, version 2 or any later version.


The latest release is version 0.3.0.

  • Source code: wesnoth-rcx-0.3.0.tar.bz2 (Bzip2 tarball, 250 KB)
    SHA256 checksum: 80844ac569f485ec3110f0d22ff92ef6bc131b2ceeb904d28d2606d093219e68
  • Windows: wesnoth-rcx-0.3.0-win32.zip (Zip archive, 6.51 MB)
    SHA256 checksum: 06cdddc57648dd73da6cb5f82e5ded04f5f8e16fd77164461b62926a4a3e2c29
  • Mac OS X: wesnoth-rcx-0.3.0-mac.tar.gz (Gzip tarball, 12.7 MB)
    SHA256 checksum: d6660a7ce17b5147fa806a55fd53898ccd3798a536849b8f893e43a93df579aa

Git repository

The complete source code history and the latest bleeding-edge changes can be found in the public Git repository hosted on GitHub.

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