Frogatto levels

Frogatto & Friends is an old-school 2d platformer game, starring a certain quixotic frog. From the creators of Battle for Wesnoth comes this exciting jump-and-run platformer. Frogatto has gorgeous, high-end pixel art, pumping arcade tunes, and all the gameplay nuance of a classic console title.

I was one of the original level designers for Frogatto, a side-scrolling platformer for PC and mobile platforms (no pun intended). The game has continued to grow and evolve without my involvement, and many of my levels have been refurnished or altered by other people in all kinds of amazing ways to make use of new assets, code, and design techniques developed after version 1.0.

Included below is a list of the levels I created for the game in its first public incarnation.


  • Rock-a-Fort and its small cave sub-level
  • Flooded Caverns
  • Downhill
  • Fan House and its small sub-level

Forest area

  • Twisted Trees
  • Autumn Town
  • Eerie Arbor
  • Bon Bosque (both versions)

Limestone caverns

  • Rocky Roots
  • Caverns of Holes
  • Underground Pool
  • Darkness Central
  • Bombing Fools
  • Hidden Depths
  • Watery Alley
  • Plagued Mine
  • Bug Mining
  • Fast Lane
  • Hanging Platforms

In an unexpected turn of events, I created all of the original levels in this set. Note that this category does not include secondary cave levels found before Bon Bosque — those were all designed by other people, with the exception of the small Rock-a-Fort cave section.

Milgram’s Fortress

Dungeon Crawling
  • The Entrance
  • Killer Bunnies
  • Burning Stone
  • Dark Corridor
  • Dungeon Crawling

The only levels in version 1.0.x for this area that weren’t designed by me are Dungeon Blocks and the last three levels: Milgram’s throne room entrance, the main chamber, and the epilogue level.