About Me

Hi there!

I am Iris Morelle, although I often go by the nicknames of Irydacea, ShikadiQueen, or shadowm. You may know me from games such as The Battle for Wesnoth or Frogatto & Friends.


Although I lack an academic background, I have been a programming enthusiast since as long as I can remember. More recently, though, I have contributed code to The Battle for Wesnoth since 2007. Most of my work there consists of features and fixes to the underlying engine, as well as some user interface tweaks and improvements. I have also written a few tools and scripts for the game.

I know enough C++ to find my way around the labyrinthine mess that is Wesnoth and still be able to implement new things. But when I don’t need to use it, I prefer the simplicity and versatility offered by Perl and Python — which I am still learning — for writing scripts to aid me in my varied endeavors. Ever since Wesnoth gained support for Lua scripts and extensions, I have been learning the language and putting it to use in my own add-ons, but I still need to refer to its online documentation more often than I would prefer.

Game content!

While programming is usually a more mentally-rewarding distraction, I also write and draw things in my spare time, even though I am not very good at it. For the most part, I owe my limited skills with pixel art and game prose to my time playing and creating add-ons for — once again — The Battle for Wesnoth, but my interest in the arts also stems from my lifelong dream of making my own game — some day!

Although I have not accomplished that dream yet, I had the opportunity to contribute to Frogatto & Friends back in 2010, creating a large number of levels for the game some time before its first public release. Since then, the Frogatto developers have added plenty more and radically altered and improved what there already was. Frogatto is a sidescrolling platformer — I like platformers!

Web development?

This website in all of its incarnations was designed from scratch by me, as part of my continuous journey to learn and harness the power of the Web for my own nefarious purposes. So far my repertoire includes HTML, CSS, Sass, PHP, and some Javascript — since I still have much to learn, I do not actually consider myself a real “Web developer”. I do not even have any experience writing dynamic applications with forms and such yet!

Because I enjoy creating visual things, I have also done all the design work for my own projects. My portfolio up to this point includes this website, all three iterations of the Wesnoth-UMC-Dev Project website, the status display for Wesnoth’s online services, and since 2017, the Wesnoth.org website proper.



My native language is Spanish, since I was born and currently live in Chile. However, after volunteering as a translator — and maintainer — for Wesnoth and Atheme IRC Services, I cannot say I feel confident in my English-to-Spanish translation abilities anymore. The sheer tedium of the task probably does not help either. Besides, having used computer software almost exclusively in English for years, I no longer know well about such things as current Spanish UI localization conventions.