Contacting Me

The short version:
  • Nick: shadowm
  • Network:
The Perl version:
irc() || twitter() || email() or return ':('
The long version:

You may contact me via IRC, Twitter, or email, in that order. I am allergic to unexpected correspondence, you see, so I avoid using email unless it’s absolutely necessary for some reason, which is rarely the case. Although I keep an eye on my Twitter timeline and mentions and I am likely to respond instantly when I’m near my keyboard, I occasionally miss messages from people I don’t follow. It’s far rarer for me to miss highlights on IRC unless something went wrong with my client or freenode itself! My client idles in my channel 24/7, but I cannot guarantee that I’ll read your messages and respond before you quit!


I can be found on several other Web sites too — perhaps on even more than I suspect! That is why the following list exists, to allow other people to ascertain whether a person with a similar or identical username is actually me. If you are in doubt about the authenticity of a lookalike on some other site that’s not included below, feel free to drop me a message through one of the regular channels described above!


  • freenode: shadowm, ShikadiQueen


  • GitHub: shikadiqueen
  • shikadiqueen