The Lair of the Shadow Master: Frogatto packages are go!
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Thumbs up for the game!
At the end of Caverns of Holes, there's a hanging basket... Is there something up there? Granted I probably haven't scoured the whole level for a tiny lever, but is it a red herring? And how many secrets are buried in Frogatto? I love the game, but it's over so quickly...
Nope, there’s really nothing up there.

There are a lot of secret areas in the game; most are hidden behind conspicuous-looking brambles, and others you’ll need to discover on your own.
Good to know. I'll start looking! Thanks!
The game is great! And level design rocks!
how can i go to the chest located inside the secret room in the central house? and how can i open the doors on the treehouse in autumn town?
You’ll notice that to the right of the secret chest room there’s a platform to which you can get by climbing the falling blocks and there seems to be nothing to do in that platform. There’s a secret passage at its end; IIRC you can climb the right wall and jump into a secret passage in the ceiling.

As for the Autumn Town houses, they are not made yet and the level is mostly an elaborate placeholder which unfortunately stuck around by the time 1.0 was released. The doors don’t currently lead anywhere.

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