Wesnoth Evolution: 0.1


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Whoa! Who made those original units? All I can say is that Wesnoth has definitely come a long way!
Very cool! I look forward to the rest of this series.
Very nice article! I like it.
I'm waiting for the next articles.
This is neat! I've found myself wondering about wesnoth's earliest development before, and here it is.
BTW, just wondering: What were your sources for writing this?
As I mentioned at the top:

> For historical reference I'm using both an actual Wesnoth 0.1 build for Windows I prepared [...]
> and the Battle for Wesnoth Project's SVN trunk changelog, which starts at version 0.2.1.

I combined the latter with git-svn to find and examine some interesting ancient commits such as the new (“current”) WML parser/preprocessor units, or the point at which defenses and resistances ceased being floats, etc.
Congrats for all this work, I guess that as many others I was feeling curious about the origins of wesnoth, and this quenched my thirst, but well, if you want to add more interesting stuff to the article, I can tell you some few things I have noticed at my first play.

About the recall system, appart for only working with over lvl1 units, you could lecall the unit as much times as you would wish, I mean, you could have the same knight over 10 times if you liked to(and since it was for free, you would only care for enemy's money).

It was also bugged the left column of the map, if you moved a unit there, do not hope to move it again, it won't work.

Also, just anecdotic,if you pay attention, you may notice that the texture(or however it's said) of all the terrains is the same(for villages is just zoomed in), is is easy noticeable on sea/ocean and castle tiles, even desert tiles, and the forest, is a darker green with that texture, not just plain green.

Anyway, very good work!!
In fact, that texture seems to have been created using the GIMP's Pattern -> Lava filter.

The infinite recall bug is mentioned in the changelog for version 0.2.1 in SVN trunk, but I didn't think it existed in 0.1. Nice find.
Everything is older :O

I have westnoh 0.4.5, but this is not much better than this...

LOL! COOL ORCISH WARRIOR! this like more a ninja than a orcish warrior :-)

Than remminds me the great job of the wesnoth team in like 6 years :-)
i just have to point out, the 1.0 Orc looks better than the 1.8 Orc

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