Invasion from the Unknown 2.0.0


a wesnoth player
I remember playing IftU 5-6 years ago and really having fun with it. It was the most memorable from all the campaigns I played, and I recall that even then I thought it should be in mainline. I haven't played much Wesnoth since, but your post brought back good memories, I think it's time for a replay :)

Also I think it should be included in mainline (with AtS), it absolutely deserves it.
Man for me I've always considered IftU and AtS as my favorite Campaign by far, back in my lowly day as a year 7 high school student (from Australia), on a super crappy computer.
That was about 8 years ago and I'm still proud to say that I've played through twice and was going to do it again for a third time so I decided to finally check the author of the series.
I agree with the other person that it should be placed in the main line as well.

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