My New Year resolution


Péter Lőrincz
Oh you did it again, and in my opinion this joke never gets old :)

My resolution:
<i>screen #0:
dimensions: 1280x800 pixels (339x212 millimeters)
resolution: 96x96 dots per inch
Anyway, I've started playing Invasion from the Unknown and After the Storm during the time when AtS was "abandoned" in 2010. Since then I'm always excited to play new parts of the story. And I think I came to the point where I'm more Excited about the conclusion of AtS than the new episodes of Doctor Who (And believe me, I'm super excited about Doctor Who).

As a final thought: If for some reason you couldn't finish AtS as you planned, don't worry, we players, don't mind a little more wait. (This became a little bit longer than expected)

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