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Interesting. The chap had a unique name...
The obvious thing is, if you get ripped off when you pay for dvd ripping software, there's nowhere you can go to complain.

BTW the resolution on those i-gadgets are better than you'd expect, but Apple wants you to pay for the movie all over again, they don't care if you just bought the dvd. Happily, there are reliable ripping options that can be easily found with a google search. They have no need to spam the wesnoth forums to sell their software.
Six accounts in two weeks? Lol, I get about two daily :D

It seems the theme depends on forum engine, on a SMF installation I'm getting almost exclusively spambots with links in profile that go to "looks like a normal eshop" pages... The subjects really range between selling yachts, watches, medical care, construction equipment etc.

But last year was decidedly SEO here, too ;)
You probably get more spam in there because you don’t have the non-standard requirements has in its registration form.

Custom form fields exclusive to your forum/site seem to be really good against fully automated registrations. It’s too bad that there are also real people behind some of that garbage.

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