Although I am primarily a coder, I occasionally research and write about subjects within my areas of interest, resulting in the production of blog posts with some semblance of continuity that may be of interest to a broader audience than my usual ramblings.

Here is a list of past series I have published on this site, classified and organized for your convenience.

Wesnoth Evolution

This series documents the history of the Battle for Wesnoth project, from its humble beginnings and until its glorious present. Five installments have been released so far after extensive research of the earliest versions of Wesnoth ever released. Unfortunately, because I have gotten my hands busy with other projects since 2010, this series is currently on hiatus for an undefined (likely infinite) amount of time.

Wesnoth Add-on Reviews

For most of the time I spent developing my Wesnoth add-ons Invasion from the Unknown and After the Storm, I specifically avoided playing other user-made content so as to maximize the amount of spare time I could use for my own work. Now that I am free from the burden of building campaigns from the ground up, I intend to play and review other people’s creations on my blog for science fun.

Here is a list of the reviews I have published thus far: