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Shadowmaster’s Blog: Forum games, part 2
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What can be done? When we respond we contribute to the pointless thread. When we don't respond they don't care. They're (formerly we) perfectly content to just go on without us.
Perhaps everybody could be happy, if players are stuck into a playpen? It'd mean more games but more importantly, less clutter and noise where the adults do their talking. I don't mean like a whole top level subforum but rather, a child board to Off-Topic. Is that possible in phpbb?
Yes, that's possible but I don't think I'm going to do it.

This is mainly because subforum lists take up too much space in our default template (subsilver2 with wesnoth theme) which IMHO ends up being distracting for those who want to look at the current forum's threads and not to its subforums.
Warchief Thrall
Would you lock a "post something about the person above you" thread? :-)

;) Get your ban hammer ready, shadowmaster!
What upsets me is, while topics like You've Been Playing Wesnoth Too Long increase in popularity, topics that introduce new campaigns are lucky to get more than a handful of posts. New artists are sometimes ignored, or just get one-line critiques like "too much pillow shading." Even the mainline campaign threads are a bit underweight. I wish I had a useful solution, but lacking that, here's a ridiculous one: a separate post count for off-topic posts.
Making the OT post-count separate from the regular post-count would require some coding work that I'm not really willing to do, especially since it'd not really solve anything. :(

FWIW, we tried setting the forums to not increase the post-counts of people posting in Game Development and Off-Topic for a while. It didn't really help with tracking spambots.

YBPWTL is a hellspawn that I never expected to be summoned again.
* ?
Hence my comment "we tried setting the forums to not increase the post-counts of people posting in Game Development and Off-Topic for a while". :P
This is simple to solve. Add a new Forum Games forum. Autoprune that, but don't autoprune Off Topic (or simply autoprune neither - it doesn't really matter at that point). Problem solved. It also means legitimately interesting Off Topic discussions don't get buried under forum games.

On the other hand, locking forum games threads entirely reeks of Stop Having Fun Guys:

Bonus: Make the Forum Games forum invisible to staff! That way, you don't have to be bothered by the inanity of it all, and those of us who aren't too elitist about what kind of fun we're allowed to have can continue to enjoy forum games. :P

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