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ESR appears to be working on this.
Yes. I have been watching his progress in #cia, in fact.

I’m currently rather skeptical about it since it’s more like a very basic IRC bot framework rather than a CIA replacement as previously advertised, but it could later become the cornerstone of something more elaborate.

For example:

I can see that ESR’s goal here is decentralizing the IRC FOSS developers ecosystem, but I still have my reservations about the pros and cons.

From a more practical standpoint at this time, it depends on the adoption rate amongst code forges since they would not only have to provide irker [1] hooks for their hosted VCSes, but also an irker instance running on their own facilities unless people start setting up public irker servers with some kind of access control to avoid turning them into open IRC proxies.


But yeah, let’s see what happens next.
Hello, I just wanted to say that I have brought back online from and I am currently in the process of updating its core and adding new features. The site is almost fully operational (there's still a few small issues left that I am tackling)

I wanted to let everyone who reads this post know.

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