Wesnoth.org DNS issues


When editing such system files on windows, it is probably wise to take care for the existing end-of-line style, which should be kept (it will be CRLF most likely). Using Linux-ish text editors might change it to LF which may cause all sorts of problems. So at best use a text editor which can display the end-of-line style and keeps it automatically.
This fix worked for a few hours, then whenever I tried going to the website, it came up with something like this:

The requested URL could not be retrieved

While trying to retrieve the URL: http://forums.wesnoth.org/

The following error was encountered:

Unable to determine IP address from host name for forums.wesnoth.org
The dnsserver returned:

Name Error: The domain name does not exist.
This means that:

The cache was not able to resolve the hostname presented in the URL.
Check if the address is correct.
What browser and OS is that? I seem to recall some Chrome version refusing to acknowledge my local aliases to my web server.
Google Chrome 14.0.835.186, Ubuntu 11.04.
Unless your OS overwrote /etc/hosts, then yeah, I guess you could blame Chrome. Tried with other browsers?
Ah. I should also mention, that was on Firefox and w3m.
Or rather it was on Firefox and w3m too.

And no, it didn't overwrite the /etc/hosts file.
It may be a bit late, but OS X has a BSD userland, so following the steps for BSD derivatives works.
Thanks for posting this. :)
The thing is - not only doesnt work connecting to the webside but i also cant connect to the games server via Wesnoth as their address must be resolved too. It seems you can solve this problem the same way by using as server address.

Ty for this information!
not only the website

now i cant use multiplayer mode or addon mode from the game buttons

when will this be solved?
As i wrote above try using instead of server.wesnoth.org:15000 and you can use main server normally. For addons only use instead of add-ons.wesnoth.org ;)
yes i already did it and it works but now i see very very few people in multiplayer

so i wanted to know the estimated time that will take for the server to get normal
or will people have to do the same thing to be able to use the servers for their use
pls fix it. Or i ll die with sadness early!
On OSX the patch you gave on /etc/hosts should work too (except it's addons.wesnoth.org and not add-ons.)

BTW, I would curious to know how this could happen since Jexiste DNS servers still reply to the query.

Yes, Jexiste replies, but also says:

Created 29-Sep-2003
Updated 01-Oct-2011
Expires 29-Sep-2012
No, both add-ons.wesnoth.org and addons.wesnoth.org work.
Hah, typical. I [try to] come back to the game after Real Life dragged me away for rather a long time, and the very day I come back I find the whole site's inaccessbile. A bit like washing your car making it rain - you can blame me, everybody, it must be my fault.

While I'm here, though, I notice what may be a minor issue with Wesnoth's apache config.

I tried

Of these, resolves to wiki.wesnoth.org (note singular) resolves to forums.wesnoth.org (note plural)

Neither URL works, but you should see the same behaviour from both of these. (plural) gives a 404 error: "The requested URL /forums was not found on this server."

Now, that might be right as-is, (forum is resolved to forums, which fails for now due to the DNS problems, but the correct URL, forum/s/ gives a 404 because the forums.wesnoth.org subdomain is not available. Or, it might be a slight misconfig in apache, in which case presumably forum and forums should both fail in the same way rather than failing differently as they do now. So this might not be an error at all, but I thought I'd flag it just in case.
And by the time I'd finished writing all that, Wesnoth.org is back. (sigh)
The website is up and working, but I am still having issues while trying to reach the play section.
Never mind, everything is working fine now :P
Regarding <IP>/forum/ addresses not working while the DNS registration was non-functional, that’s something I expected to happen but didn’t really bother to fix since there are valid workarounds (as in the original post), and DNS issues aren’t expected to happen very often (in this particular instance the problem was that the autorenewal of the domain registration didn’t work for some reason, or so our provider says).

forums.wesnoth.org should be considered the canonical address in case we eventually decide to move the forums elsewhere.
I'm pretty sure it is the same for Mac OSX - /etc/hosts. What happened anyway, did the server got hacked or went over bandwidth?

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