On Invasion from the Unknown and After the Storm


I was thinking about how I could have survived with Anlinde. No thoughts on that. But I killed both commanders and only three monsters were left by this 5th level creature side. Reading your post, I found there was not much I could have done. One high level wizard on my side too few... this life - draining with powerful sword and 170+hp was too much. Great Work, BTW! I just love your campaign

i suggest highly to finish ats. it´s a great sequel and it´s really kind of sad, that it stops after the 7th scenario. so, please go for it.


dude, l have an idea about the sequel of your uncompleted After The Storm. We will see each other on the forum later. Cnat believe it is already 2012 lol~. You did it well, but with too many things not necessary. see you.

best regards
This is an old thread, but well... Why don't you make an e-book out of your story? You obviously have a lot more to give, but so little space for character (and backstory) development in the campaigns. I really love you campaigns, and do feel that a book around it would be fantastic! Something that holds for the rest of the Wesnoth universe as well.

Cheers // JS

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